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who we are.

GloApps LLC is a premier software, mobile apps development and digital marketing company offering a wide range of web and mobile solutions across Ghana and Africa.

Our services are web and mobile solutions spans across Custom Web Development, UI/UX Design Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Database Programming, CMS Development, Native Mobile Apps Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and IT Consulting.

Whether you want to mobilise your internal processes, develop an entrepreneurial idea, motivate your employees or simply raise the profile of your brand – you can rely on us.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals can deliver best of technology solutions and consulting services across diverse business needs.

We represent our clients’ identity on the web in the best professional way, produce well-tested products, deploy tried and tested development methodology and offer great level of technical expertise. 

Our expertise stretches from iOS and Android through to integrating backend databases, intuitive Content Management Systems and web service connections. These constitute the reasons why our clients trust us to handle their projects.

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Our mission is to provide professional and highly creative web and mobile solutions that will assist businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations in promoting their brands.

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To be a world class digital agency in Africa fostering and maintaining positive relationships with clients, by providing cutting edge technology services with a value.

Operating values

Passion: We are passionate about our Business, Our Brands and Digital. We show pride in our brands and heritage, delight our clients and serve them through the high quality of our products and services

Enterprising spirit – we pursue growth passionately while accepting the entrepreneurial risk that comes with it. We are bold and strive to overcome challenges.

Strength from diversity – we respect and celebrate each other’s differences, we enjoy working together and we value what makes each of us unique. We also respect each of our members’ voices and seek to amplify their ideas and we treat every individual with respect, in every interaction.

Integrity: We promise only what we deliver, and we can deliver on every promise. Our business is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

Accountability: We take personal accountability for our actions and results and focus on finding solutions and achieving results. Actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made and personally commit to the success and well-being of teammates

Culture: We promote a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment. We implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions

Results: We Love Success and achieve results and celebrate when we do and help people to be their best by providing coaching and feedback

How we work

We combine web standards, industry requirement and your specification to give you a unique solution that fits into your overall business process. Our uniqueness lies on our focus to customer service, first class service.
Our dynamic team keeps abreast of the evolving web technologies and apply full-cycle software development, i.e. creating a website from scratch, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support.

“We are experts who make products that help our clients and their audience lead better, easier, happier lives.”

Our 10 steps Design Process

1. Unearthing

The first step is to find more about you, your company’s vision, and to build a strong relationship. We’ll examine your business situations, market strategies and project objectives. Our goal is to understand your organization and industry and then uncover the problems that you want to solve.

We then create your brand, create a custom strategy, and set your project goals. GloApps Ltd want to give you the best and most effective product ever. To do this, both parties have to do some homework. You the client must know what you want to convey to the site audience, and we must know how to convey that message(s) in the most effective.

Our specialists will help you analyze your idea comprehensively, consider the most favorable project options for your business objectives, bring the idea to perfection, and create the optimal informational solution

2. Planning

 Following the initial findings, we will outline your project, create milestones, and agree on priorities. Any successful product requires a thorough blueprint of your ideas. In order to build a foundation, we’ll bring your team in for multi-day planning sessions to walk through the entire project and create detailed blueprints.

3. Content

At this stage, we gather all the facts, we ask you to tell us what specifications and requirements (text, charts, images, videos, contact forms, emails etc.) you want us to address. We will take care of the (requirements) architecture; we just ask that you tell us what your needs are and we meet them satisfactorily.

4. Wire framing

A wireframe is the skeleton of your requirements and specifications. We’ll map out the entire project, design page flows, interactions and general layout decisions. By building a rough outline of your specifications (black and white, no graphics) we ensure that every piece is in place and you have a visual framework for what your project will become. This is to get the job done. This bare-bones layout reveals the structure of your project without distracting stylistic treatments. At this point, if there are any content changes, they can easily be made without disrupting the design.

5. Mockup

This is the point where our designers wave their magic wands and transform your rough requirements plan into a real design. We summon all of our Photoshop/Illustrator talent and design know-how to create a solution that not only works, but wows. To project the most appropriate software solution, system specification is absolutely necessary. This crucial documentation is prepared by our system analysts and the most experienced developers. They conduct accurate analysis for the future system, meeting all the security, performance, and functionality requirements.

6. Revisions

We want you to love the services we render. The feedback you provide drives the design process. Before we deliver your service we make sure that every detail has been approved. We’re flexible so you don’t have to be worried about any drastic changes.

7. Design & Development

Our development team brings your requirements to life. We slice the designs into HTML and CSS code. The code is then incorporated into PHP and a content management system (CMS platform). Here, you can manage any interactive elements, such as updates, news, or blog posts.

8. Testing

Here, review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of your project. This is most valuable step because your reputation is our reputation!

9. Launching

Once you approve the demo of your specifications – we upload your requirements to your hosting platform where it becomes live and ready to be searched and viewed by the World Wide Web!

10. Updates & Maintenance

We help with updating content on the website, a fee might be charged depending on the volume of update.

Your corporate website can be maintained or redesigned from time to time depending on the needs of the client. Whatever your maintenance requirement, we will take care of you.

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