10 ways to gain business fro your website

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Business websites are considered a major lead generation strategy for you to recruit new clients into your business. How do you do that? Follow the 5 tips below


  1. Update your website regularly

It is important that you constantly update your website content as an information centre for your products and services to make it look always fresh and also easy for the search engine to rank your site high. Since the web is the first place people want to find answers on products and services, it would be better to you customize your web site to be user friendly with FAQ sections, User Guides, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions about how to download and start using your apps and other online features.

Do this regularly will greatly have impact on your bottom-line


  1. Include a Call to Action Button on Your Homepage

Challenge your website viewers to take action by placing a form, for example that will not only make it easier to seal the deal but might also let your customers know that you are proactive in gaining (and keeping) their business.


  1. Build responsive site

In today’s digital world, where over 80% browse the Internet using a mobile or smartphone, they may never see your full site. The only answer is to move your site to a responsive platform that can be viewed fully across many devices and screen sizes. Customers are no longer interested in stripped-down versions of full web sites to responsive.

Everybody has gone mobile and so it is important you have plans to build a responsive web site.

  1. Use a Lead Magnet

One of the best ways to get someone to offer their contact info is through the use of a lead magnet, such as a white paper, ebook, or video course. Lead magnets create an exchange of value between your B2B and the customer. However, the lead magnet should be substantive and stand on its own in terms of value. Spend considerable time and resources building your lead magnet.

  1. Demo Your Product

One of the most enticing tools for recruiting new customers is through a demo video on your homepage. Services like Camtasia can help you build a video that highlights special features of your product or service.


  1. Feature Testimonials

I believe in the power of customer testimonials and reference case studies. An image speaks louder than words, and through videos, photos and interactive materials, interested customers can see the actual application and results of your product or service. Additionally, testimonials work because they build trust. Rely on the human nature of imitation an win your new set of customers this week.

  1. Offer a Free Trial 

People are weary about buying before they know how a product or service works. For our software products, we always have a free trial so people can try our product, see how it works, and upgrade within the trial period. You can acquire more leads this way and get more people into your funnel then having them make a purchase to get started.


  1. Become a Thought Leader

Strive to make your site the go-to spot for receiving information on your industry, how-to guides and industry trends. Users are more inclined to come back and to trust your services when you provide a value-added experience so that they are benefiting from just being around you.


  1. Create Content that Holistically Addresses Visitors’ Needs 

Not everyone who visits your website is immediately there to buy. Think more holistically about your web visitors. How can you appeal to their interests and help them solve a problem? Create content that answers these questions and aim to become a trusted thought-leader and resource. Not only will you keep them coming back, but if done effectively, you will drive bottom line results.

  1. Run advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

You should be running a continuous campaign in Google AdWords, Facebook Ad and all the leading platforms.  Plan search ads as companions for seasonal promotions and traditional ad campaigns. The continuous exposure and experience gained will pay off through an increasing ROI.

To conclude, I will encourage you to select two three of these free strategies and I would be waiting to hear your business turnaround.

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