7 undeniable Reasons to redesign your website

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Redesigning your website is a must when your organization’s site is going through these hacks.

1) Your competitors revamped their websites.

You don’t need to change your entire website every time one of your competitors changed theirs. Having said that, if they make changes that improves their rankings substantially and end up pushing you down in searches, it’s probably time to make some alterations to your company’s website.
If your competitors’ websites meet your needs as a visitor on the site better than your own then it is probably time to revise your company’s website. Maintaining an edge in search results shouldn’t be your only goal, but if you’re not near the top of SERPs because competing business is keeping you from that, analyse what SEO changes you can make to your site.

2) Your third-party tools are outdated.

If your site is like most out there, you’ve embedded third-party tools that improve its functionality, such as shopping cart widgets. But, if some (or all) of these tools on your site aren’t up to contemporary standards, you’re better off updating them. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you need to replace or remove some tools:
• How are these third-party tools working?
• Are they slowing your site speed down?
• Are new-and-improved versions now available?

Nothing drives customers away like third-party tools that are outdated in terms of function or design or just dysfunctional, so update these not only to attract customers but to convert visitors on your site into leads. Identifying with any of these features on your company’s website does not mean that you should redesign your whole website but rather touch on the salient ones and redesign your site to appropriateness.
Your website is meant to bring you business and if it’s not doing that then it’s definitely a heads up to redesign.
Do you think you’re in need of a website redesign? Which parts of your site do you need to update most?

3).Your Content Management System or Website Technology Is Out of Date

It has been said that one human year equals at least four Internet years. That’s how fast technology is progressing, however some website platforms and content management systems haven’t kept up with the pace. They may have been awesome a few years ago, but if your website has been built on older technology you may find your editing choices will become limited as new features become desirable, and you may also be more vulnerable to security breaches and unwanted hacks. By having your website redesigned on a more contemporary, flexible and progressive platform your website will be able to adapt with technology and maintain greater security.

4). Your Website Design looks archaic

First impressions are really significant and go a long way to become lasting impressions. Many research studies have shown that you only have a few brief seconds to get the user’s attention and to convey enough value to engage them. Also the quality of your website design is a direct reflection on your business image, so it is important that your website looks professional and contemporary. In addition, if the aesthetics of your website design is archaic, it is likely that it will have a very appalling user experience.

5). Your Website is not Pro-Mobile.

Consumers have different needs when accessing information and services on their mobile devices. Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have “mobile intelligent” features, like one click dialling for instance. So it is important that your website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience. With approximately 30 percent of website visits coming from mobile devices, if you are simply delivering your users to the desktop version of your website, you will be losing business due to accessibility frustrations.

6). You are not getting exceptional results.

No matter how much you like your website, you would probably like it more if you got the results you wanted. Getting results is a direct outcome of how you attract, engage, convert, measure and optimize your website towards your business goals.
Before committing to a redesign, you need to define exactly what you want your website to accomplish. You have had an experience with your current website, so it’s a great time to reassess and use your best strategies, along with new technology to really improve your online opportunities. Once you know what you need your website to do, you can investigate how to build a more functional and effective website.

7). Your Business Focus Changes

Business goals change over time and you need to redesign your website if you want it to support these changes. The great thing about contemporary technology is that it gives your business the ability to change its direction and focus relatively easily. It also gives your business more opportunities to expand into different areas.

Social media, online review sites, cloud applications, lead management systems, and mobile websites were non-existent five years ago. Businesses that want to survive and thrive learn to capitalize on the technology that’s available to help them deliver better products and services. If you don’t redesign your website to integrate new technology into your business you may find it hard to keep up with the pace in your industry.

Your website is like the breather in your business as it keeps your business running to some extent therefore; it should evolve and change with modern technological trends. Website redesign is not an end in itself as it should be in a state of constant maintenance and updates.

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