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Website Redesign services

As you may be aware, your company website is a strategic resource that needs to be designed and managed well to serve its intended purpose. Many websites however fall short of key design elements and therefore miss out of its strategic positioning. Research indicates that 68% of visitors leave a website because of poor design.

How GloApps Can Help

We are here to help you prevent that massive flight! In helping you approach design as the most strategic asset of your future website, our redesign team exploits powerful techniques to make it look professional and consistent with your brand identity. During your initial consultation with us, we will determine all that is required to ensure this is achieved in terms of  responsive and user-friendly UI , personalized UX, high page speed, smooth, coherent formatting styles and extensive visualization capabilities.

Our services cover the full cycle of website redesign to help you create a new, modern and responsive design, attract mobile visitors to the website, improve content personalization to increase visitor engagement, create new functionality that would support your current business needs, incorporate with content management system (CMS) and fix user interface bugs and low performance issues. While performing website redesign, we not only replace old technologies with new ones, but also anticipate your future business growth and thus regular website updates.

What you get from our redesign

  • Review your current website to determine if the site warrants redesign.
  • Porting of your legacy website, including all the data, to a new, modern solution
  • A slick and responsive user interface.
  • Creating new features and fixing bugs
  • Enhancing scalability and performance to welcome the growing number of visitors and data
  • Improving the website structure to better address user demand
  • Increasing compliance with SEO standards for advanced content marketing strategies
  • Performing security audit and updates to protect data and users
  • Maintenance and support: Our maintenance and support services includes:
  • Web app development and integration: At your request, we can enrich your website with out-of-the-box and custom social networking apps, payment solutions, advanced analytics and other tools to increase user engagement
  • Mobile-driven development: We will ensure adapting your website for mobile phones and tablets of all platforms and screen sizes as well as using the portal as a back-end for a mobile app

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